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TechnoVAS operates from diverse areas of the World with experienced consultants in diverse technological products and services. We bridge the technological gap between developed nations and emerging African Market place by providing a link and value partnership through effective business development and solution strategies between participating Global corporations.>


TechnoVAS. is now having a leading potion among GSM & CDMA Value Added Services providers for operators, and expert companies for B2B Products & Solutions to private and public corporations in the Middle East, Africa and Gulf regions. TechnoVAS provides a wide range of Value Added services to GSM & CDMA operators that are bundles and covering the most important information which the customers needs as well as it provides a B2B solutions. The scope of Value Added Services provided to GSM & CDMA operators, covering bundles of SMS, MMS, WAP/GPRS and IVR services from SMS/MMS News, Religious, Chat and Variety contents >

Who We Are
The Vision

TechnoVAS is a global technology company specializing in providing access to business intelligence solutions, information and Telecommunication technology services to the emerging economies. We are specialize in the business development and value added services of leading edge information and communication technology products and TCOM services for the emerging Markets in particular in the MENA region


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